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Data (Photos & Files) can be lost for a variety of reasons.

It can usually be recovered but it is a costly process.

If you have lost data that is important to you, then we recommend that you…

A: Do not panic… stay calm

B: Work out what data you really want back.

C: Search for copies that you may have in the form of back up hard drive, emails, or the source of the data ( the person who sent it to you or a stored SD card etc)

D: If you still want some data not retrieved from above, then book for a free* pick up and quote below.

6 Simple Steps To book a Free Pick Up

1. Click on “ADD TO CART” below

2. Click on “VIEW CART” or Cart Icon

3. Click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” ($0)

4. Enter your “Billing Address” so that we know where to pick up the item. (Enter “Shipping Address” only if the item is to be picked up from a different address)

5. Add to “Order Notes”

-a: The times that the item will be available

-b. What job you require and if there is any SPECIAL DATA that you require. eg photos

-c. The password to get into your device

-d. Any special notes/instructions

6. Click on “PLACE ORDER” below…

… Your work is done. We will do the rest.

(* There is a $45 handling fee if you decide to not proceed with any work)

Product Description

Yes we recover lost/inaccessible data from your Hard Drive/Memory Card/ USB Stick/iPhone/Smart Phone/Other Device or Laptop

Here is the way it works:

We organise pick up and delivery.

We quote you by email.

You pay on the basis of what is agreed upon.

We do the job as agreed.

Expected Turnaround: 1 to 3 weeks plus shipping for the quote. 2 weeks to 2 months for the data recovery job, depending on difficulty of the job.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advised that Data recovery should only be undertaken if the Data is important to you and if you do not have backups available.

It is an expensive service. Quotes range from a minimum of $250 to usually a maximum of $2500.

(* There is a $45 handling fee if you decide to not proceed with any work)


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