How to Upgrade my Computer-for Beginners (Tuition on Your Home)


How to Upgrade my Computer-for Beginners

Do you want to increase the capability of your desktop computer or laptop, or just want to learn how to carry out upgrades for yourself?

If have not had hands on experience with how a desktop computer or laptop is put together then upgrading you computer may seem a bit daunting.

This tuition will cover how to upgrade MEMORY (RAM), STORAGE (Hard Drive), GRAPHICS OUTPUT (Graphics/Video Card) and touch on PROCESSOR (CPU) upgrade possibilities.

It will also cover how to transfer the contents of your old hard drive to a LARGER CAPACITY Hard Drive or a FASTER  Solid State HDD (SSD).

The upgrades can be done on your computer/laptop during the session, time permitting, or if you prefer, tuition only can be given.

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